The Grassi Team partners are (listed left to right); Ralph Dahllof, Paul Niles, Laurie Daw, and Mark Grassi.

The Grassi Approach

The Grassi approach is, in one word, collaborative. From our relationships with subcontractors to our relationships with clients and architects, we work as a team. We approach every job with an understanding that when we all work together with one objective, the best final product possible, the client wins.

When Mark Grassi founded the company in 1989, he understood the importance of having a good team to work with him. He made sure to create an environment where every team member is valued for his or her contributions. Some members of the Grassi team have been with Mark since the beginning of the venture, and he is the first to recognize their hand in helping to create that environment. But the team that matters to each project is not just the team of builders. We understand that the relationship between client, architect, and builder is crucial to the project, and we are committed to helping each client realize their dream and honoring each architect’s vision of that dream.

The Grassi team understands that good relationships are built on trust. Grassi & Associates is an open-book company, and our clients have access to all of the documentation, subcontractor, and vendor information involved with their project. This transparency helps foster a trust-based relationship with our customers.

The Grassi team approaches every job with an unrivaled commitment to excellence, integrity, distinction, and innovation.